Island Restaurant Concepts LLC

some of the ways we can help you...

CONSULT:  Our initial consultations are always free.  We will meet with you and your team to find out all we can about your plans, budgets, and project parameters.  This gives us the information we need to provide you with the most appropriate advice and counsel.

CONCEPT:  Our extensive knowledge of Hawaii's food service and hospitality industries enables us to critique and "fine-tune" concepts to assure their applicability and success in Hawaii's unique market.

PLAN:  Drawing on our 25 years of Hawaii experience we can help you with a detailed plan of action, including realistic timelines for permitting, design, construction, staffing, and all other steps involved in bringing your concept to market.

ACQUIRE:  Our Hawaii State Real Estate Sales Associate license enables us to survey available properties and leasehold opportunities;  to negotiate on your behalf;  to close complex transactions on time and on budget.

DESIGN:  We have worked with Hawaii's best architects and designers and know how to take a concept and make it come alive.  In addition we know how back-of-the-house requirements affect layout and design, and how to avoid costly mistakes.

INTEGRATE:  Work flow and process have a dramatic impact on profitability, morale and overall success.  Knowing how a restaurant works, what computer and software systems are appropriate, and what vendor requirements are enables to create and implement a comprehensive strategy